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Triofix TK
   TRIOFIX TK is a coupler of hydraulically operated, 3-pin supported rigid connection type of multi-step tooth-engagement principle forming an extremely reliable mechanical connection through engagement of steel teeth. Connection can take place practically at any arbitrary draught relationship in a short time by remote-control from the bridge of pusher and the time- and manpower-saving combined with the superexcellent seaworthiness and expectable high speed can assure high operational economy in ocean area where pusher-barges of conventional type were never operable in past days.
   Couplers of TRIOFIX TK-Series comprises two side couplers, same as ARTICOUPLE K and a simple bow coupler, all fixed to the structure under the superstructure of the pusher.

   The Connecting Pin supported by the Main Bearing, fixed to the hull, of the Side Coupler is extended out by the function of a hydraulic cylinder in its inside so that the tooth on the rear-ward of the Helmet mounted on a spherical head of the Pin may be inserted into any of apertures between Teeth stepwise arranged on the rearward wall of the connecting Socket of barge. Simultaneously, the forward flat face of the Helmet comes into tight contact with the forward wall of the Socket to form a firm connection. Here, the connection of the Side Coupler is finished. Next, the Connecting Pin supported by the Main Bering of the Bow Coupler is extended out by the function of a hydraulic cylinder in its inside so that its Tip at its outer end may engage into teeth of the Rack fixed to the barge hull at the centerline and, thus, the 3-point supported rigid connection is realized.

---Triofix TK can assure a superexcellent seaworthiness equivalent to that of ordinary cargo ships even in ocean services. The models can be selected to comply with any severe sea state.
---Triofix TK realizes a rigidly connected pusher-barge combination which will move as a single vessel in waves. The crew on board are free from shocks, vibrations and noises during connected navigation, and can enjoy a same level of comfortableness as on board of ordinary cargo ships.
---Because of absence of relative motions between the pusher and barge, the clearance between two hulls can be reduced to the minimum to suppress the occurrence of eddies and attain a high speed which was unexpectable with conventional pusher-barges.
---The side coupler unit of Triofix TK is a self-aligning coupler which can adapt itself to probable misalignments inevitable in the normal shipbuilding practice. Connection can take place without difficulty even when slight relative heel is found between the pusher and barge.
---Triofix TK can connect the pusher to the barge without previously adjusting the draught, practically at any point within the whole range of change of draught relationship.
---Connection and disconnection with Triofix TK is remote-controlled by the captain's finger-tip from the bridge and no muscle work is needed.
---Connection and disconnection works are made from the pusher only and the crew members have no need of visiting the barge The time needed for connection and disconnection is very short.
---Triofix TK contains practically no wearing parts needing periodical replacement.

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