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Articouple K
   Couplers of ARTICOUPLE K-Series are hydraulically operated articulate couplers of multi-step tooth-engagement principle forming an extremely reliable mechanical connection through engagement of steel teeth assuring a superexcellent seaworthiness in rough sea. Connection can take place practically at any arbitrary draught relationship in a short time by remote control from the bridge of the pusher and the high degree of time- and manpower-saving combined with the high serviceability resulting from the excellent seaworthiness can assure a high operational economy even in ocean area where the pusher-barges of conventional type were never operable in former days.
   Couplers of ARTICOUPLE K-Series are classified into two sub-series --- deck-mountable KD-Series for small and medium-sized pushers of flush-deck type and forecastle-side mountable KC-Series for medium- and large-sized pushers of long-forecastle type.

   The Connecting Pin supported by the Main Bearing fixed to the hull is extended out by the function of a hydraulic cylinder in its inside so that the tooth on the rearward of the Helmet mounted on a spherical head of the Pin may be inserted into any of apertures between Teeth stepwise arranged on the rearward wall of the connecting Socket of the barge. Simultaneously the forward flat face of the Helmet comes into tight contact with the forward wall of the Socket to form a firm connection.

--- Articouple K can assure a superexcellent seaworthiness equivalent to that of ordinary cargo ships even in ocean services. The models can be selected to comply with any severe sea states.
--- Articouple K can connect the pusher to the barge, without previously adjusting the draught, practically at any point within the whole range of change of draught relationship.
--- Articouple K is a self-aligning coupler which can swallow all the adverse influences of misalignments inevitable in normal shipbuilding practice.
--- For connection and disconnection, Articouple K is remote-controlled by the captain's finger-tip from the bridge and, accordingly, no muscle work is needed. These functions need about 30 - 45 seconds only.
--- Connection and disconnection works are made from the pusher only and the crew members have no need of going over to the barge before connection.
--- Relative pitching between the pusher and the barge is left perfectly free, while other relative motions are perfectly stopped. The crew on board are free from shocks, vibrations and noises during connected navigation.
--- Connection by Articouple K can take place without difficulty even when a slight relative heel is found between the pusher and barge.
--- Articouple K contains practically no wearing parts needing periodical replacement.
--- When converting a harbour tug to a pusher by addition of a deck-mountable Articouple KD-coupler, the coupler main bodies installed at deck sides just abaft the windlass will not cause any change of the bow contour nor project beyond it so that the function of the boat as a tug can be maintained even after conversion.

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